Los Hermanos Calavera

(Skull Brothers)

Miguel and Ilse Silva

Dimensions: 8.5w x 4.5d x 10h

Materials: Walnut or Mahogany bodies

with a Red Oak heart, and Maple face

Price: $347 for one; $1297 for a set of four


Description: These handsome but quirky brothers are the result of an engaging mix of personality, love, fun and mischievousness. Los Hermanos Calavera are always ready for wrestling, tacos, and tamales. One or all are ready to add smiles to your home, office, or anywhere you welcome them.


To order or with questions, contact: Terry@wooda.co

|   855-808-3894


Bio: Miguel and Ilse Silva are two designers born in Mexico City. They believe in crafting meaningful experiences for people by merging Art and Science with the support of Design. They have worked in Mexico, the United States, Italy, and China. Their multidisciplinary background includes experience with electronics, furniture, user interface, and character design, granting them several international awards and recognition. They work every day in their journey to create unique designs and devise creative outcomes.